Injured yourself?

Not feeling confident with how you move OR how you feel moving?

There are many reasons for you to start increasing your activity. More than 11 million Australians are not doing enough physical activity – insufficient physical activity can impact your health and wellbeing. An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) can help you to move better and feel better, regardless if it’s just a niggle or chronic health condition – we can help you gain more confidence with activity and movement.

An Exercise Physiologist is an Accredited Allied Health Professional who primarily uses movement and changes to your lifestyle to help manage your health conditions.

Our EP will treat and support you to improve your present health problems and prevent future issues. All treatments and programs will be designed for your lifestyle, assisting you achieving your goals. Tessa McLeod has experience in Private, Community and Government funded practices.

Conditions which may be improved with exercise:
  • » Chronic Joint pain such as lower back or shoulder
  • » Weight gain
  • » Diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions
  • » Arthritis and chronic nerve pain
  • » Depression and Anxiety
  • » Dementia and ageing mental health
  • » Osteoporosis and muscle wasting
  • » Pre and post joint replacements

Reasons to see an exercise physiologist as a preventative measure:
  • » Falls prevention - feel more confident with you balance
  • » Improve your health to prevent chronic diseases such as Stroke, Diabetes or Heart Disease
  • » Make it easier to get in and out of a chair or off the ground
  • » Improve your work fitness and health
  • » Better manage those niggling pains in your shoulders or knees
  • » Support rebuilding your self-confidence and positive relationship with exercise

Modes of treatment delivery:
  • » Individual treatments
  • » Paired treatments
  • » Small Group classes 6-8 people
  • » Hydrotherapy
  • » Community based programs

Pathways to help fund your treatment:
  • » Medicare
  • » Department of Veteran Affairs
  • » Team Care Arrangement
  • » Private Health
  • » Private funded Programs
  • » Prepaid blocks

Act now to make your future healthier and happier.
No referral is required. Services are provided with a collaborative agreement.

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