Pain Management at WHY Clinic

Pain maybe contributing to your poor sleep and limiting mobility, both can have a significant impact on your success in adopting a healthy life style including weight loss.

Why Clinic provides support by regular follow up, education focusing on self-management and brain training, providing an individualised pain management program paced to meet your needs.

Medical rebates support the nurse practitioner services at WHY Clinic

Conditions which may improve with a pain management program:
  - Quality of Life
  - Back pain
  - Musculoskeletal pain
  - Joint pain
  - Neuropathic pain
  - Quality of life

No referral is required. Services are provided with a collaborative agreement.

Book an Apointment
Arranging an appointment to visit the Why Clinic Pain Management centre is easy, simply use the Health Kit Booking System and follow the step by step process Here: Melanie Proper (Pain Management)


Address: 1 / 44 Kremzow Rd, Brendale, Qld 4500
Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm